Case: translating values into behaviours

How a financial institution translated its values into do’s and don’ts for branch personnel using Synthetron online dialogues.


A financial institution wanted to translate a set of global values into meaningful do’s and don’ts for everyone “on the floor” in their retail branch network.

They were looking for a way to involve big groups of employees in the actual development of these values.


Synthetron took a segmented approach, organising 8 sessions catering to different languages and split by size and by level (the branch director and branch personnel invited around 200 employees for each around).

Participants in the discussion were first asked to share their enthusiasm for the values, in order to understand drivers and hesitations.

Next, the focus lay on the meaning and translation of values in behaviours. In practice this was translated into the questions:what do we stop doing? Start doing? or keep doing?

In the end the participants shared what they can do to make things happen.


All the participants that were invited participated as well. They were very enthusiastic about the possibility to contribute their views. The discussions created an instant buzz on the values within the networks.

Synthetron consultants did the analysis and formed a report. It yielded some surprising insights in terms of: do’s and don’ts, on the deep understanding of current mind-set of the participants, and in the change forces.

The content analysis was the basis to produce a small booklet with do’s and don’ts using participants’ own words. The MindSet (language and motivation) profile was used to adapt the communication style. The roll out plan was based on the analysis of change forces.

The do’s and don’ts were rolled out successfully. They were perceived from the beginning “as ours” and two years later are sticking well.

Case: assessing readiness for culture change

How a global company used a Synthetron value jam to assess readiness for a culture change.


A worldwide division of a large industrial services multinational developed a proposed new corporate culture with a changed mission.

They wanted to test this in order to launch it successfully at the worldwide top 500 conference.

This involved getting input from different locations before the conference.


Synthetron organised a value jam session with 8 online open discussions split by employee segment. The goal was to identify present: motivators, irritators, and hopes and fears.

The resulting synthetrons (most supported statementes) were analysed by segment. Furthermore they were integrated to give an overall insight into prevailing, missing, and aspirational values for different managerial segments.

The synthetron and mindset analysis produced a clear overall value map (values that enabled or slowed down). The value map contained a profile of each segment: person, team, company, and outside world.


Management realised there was a significant gap between today’s aspirations & emotions on the one hand and the proposed new culture on the other.

Furthermore, they realised this would compromise the worldwide conference and that they needed to adapt the proposed corporate culture based on the input, and find the necessary bridges and convincing arguments, before moving ahead.

They postponed the conference while they addressed this gap.