Our team is growing to better serve you

Synthetron expands its consulting team to Denmark, Spain, Romania, Canada and Washington DC, and adds more consultants in The Netherlands and Belgium teams.

In order to keep up with increased market demand from organizations wishing to engage their key stakeholders in wide-scale engagement, strategy and feedback sessions, Synthetron is pleased to announce that it has increased the number of consultants available to serve you. We are pleased to introduce:

Susan Anglin
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Managing teams and individuals over her 25 year career, Susan is passionate about guiding teams and organizations down the path of change and transformation. Susan’s experience lies with larger corporations as well as smaller tech firms; she understands the value of engagement and alignment when implementing change in operational settings as well as in more strategic situations. Her industry experience covers telecommunications, retail, software, logistics, and government services. She is highly experienced in leading complex change projects, facilitating stakeholder engagement, driving product development and marketing programs. To contact Susan, email her at susan.anglin@synthetron.com or call her at +1 (613) 795-2227.

Michael Kull
Washington DC, USA
Michael Kull, Ph.D. is an educator, executive, consultant. His achievements include a top-rank award for conflict resolution for the Federal Government, he served as co-chair for its Knowledge Management (KM) Initiative, and he developed the signature track in Organizational Communications for Marymount University. He helped many fledgling KM companies with their marketing and branding for many years. To contact Michael, email him at michael.kull@synthetron.com or call him at +1 (202) 600-5688.

Evelyne Hollands
Barcelona, Spain
Evelyne has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, communication and business development both on the client and agency side. She has led international teams in multimarket and 360º marketing projects for leading organizations such as Kimberly-Clark, Turkisch Airlines, the Mexican Tourist Board, Mars, World Water Council and the Climate Change Conference of the United Nations. On the agency side she has worked for major communication groups including Omnicom, Interpubic and Publicis.
Having worked extensively in marketing, Evelyne’s strengths lie in developing consumer and customer insights. She excels at establishing collaborative partnerships and relationships with all stakeholders that are relevant to building an organization’s reputation. You can reach Evelyne by emailing her at evelyne.hollands@synthetron.com or by calling +34 672469500.

Esther Lobo
Madrid, Spain
Esther is an experienced business consultant in the fields of executive and team coaching and communication and team-building. Her experience spans over 20 years in the Technology Sector working in Marketing and Communications Areas for companies as Nixdorf, Siemens-Nixdorf and Novell. You can contact Esther at esther.lobo@synthetron.com or by calling +34 661 744 151 .

Lars Albaek
Åbyhøj, Denmark
Lars is a strategic and technically minded consultant, with a respectful no-nonsense approach to even the biggest challenges. With his background in Political Science, Lars has held senior positions such as special advisor for the Minister of Culture, Chief of Sales and Marketing for Dansk Autohjælp, and various leadership positions in operations for GPS and security firms. For the last 8 years, Lars has been consulting in the field of security and logistics, and now brings his wealth of experience to Synthetron. To contact Lars, email Lars.albaek@synthetron.com or call +45 31 123 888.

Daniel Mazilu
Bucharest, Romania
Daniel is an experienced management consultant that has held senior roles in large multinational organizations such as Daewoo Electronics, Gillette, and Sodexho. In his consulting practice, he has assisted companies with transformation projects, mergers, plant optimization and continuous improvement projects – from the shop floor to the board room.

Daniel has significant international experience working in both large and small organizations, managing across cultures and management disciplines. He’s worked in large organizations in executive and general management roles, and he’s also worked for start-ups and smaller companies. To get in touch with Daniel, call +4.0742.208.505 or email daniel.mazilu@synthetron.com.

Ingrid Nagtzaam
The Netherlands
Ingrid’s expertise lies in the area of brand and marketing management – she’s applied her expertise for over 20 years in the financial, energy, and fashion sectors and has worked at Interpolis, Essent, Van de Velde, Econocom, and Zilveren Kruis. On the intellectual side, Ingrid has immersed herself in the studies of business, brand management, and organizational psychology. Contact Ingrid by calling +31 6 150 27752 or by emailing Ingrid.nagtzaam@synthetron.com.

Anne Clark
Antwerp, Belgium
Anne developed her expertise in market research working for many years at both Procter & Gamble and AGB. In more recent years, Anne been working with the non-profit sector and has been advising start-ups in the areas of marketing and business strategy. You can reach Anne at anne.clark@synthetron.com and by calling +32 485 254751.

Diederik van Woensel
Antwerp, Belgium
Diederik developed extensive expertise in retailing and real estate while working as an executive for various Dutch and Belgian (international) corporations. In more recent years, Diederik has been working as a coach for start-ups in the areas of marketing, business strategy and finance.
You can reach Diederik at: diederik.van.woensel@synthetron.com or by calling +32 489 6363 76

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Breaking the spiral of Silence in organizations – Join our ThinkTank on April 3

Listen to your employees in a Synthetron online dialogue and move forward together

How to enable a culture in which employees feel free to speak up


Wanting to dig deeper into the cultural aspects of behaviour which leads to corporate scandals, Synthetron Germany organised an online ThinkTank in 2018 on the phenomena called “spiral of silence”.

Around 20 people working on strategy or HR in various global companies and organizations in Germany took part in a highly interactive 45 minutes online dialogue to exchange views on the “unwritten rules of silence” . The discussion was moderated around 11 questions. The energy was high with almost 200 comments generated during the session.

So what were the key learnings?

– The discussion turned out to be a plea for the courage to speak up – with Silence only approved in exceptional cases.

– There is however an important gap between “will” and “ability” – while 90% of respondents felt that openness and moral courage were needed, only 25% thought that their environment allowed them straight talk about everything – half of the participants did not think so!

What enables a culture in which one can talk about everything?

First a leadership that leads by example and does not block.

Then clear rules of the game that provide guidelines and also provide some safeguards – for instance in case of internal discrimination or personal threat/violence.

Last but not least an environment with a commitment of sharing instead of competing with each other.

Two main area of divergent opinions emerged from the session: whether or not to position oneself politically and whether or not to start struggling with the loudest extroverts (who might be the ones to set the agenda).

Join our upcoming global Thinktank to further explore the topic!

On April 3rd (5pm CET) we will organize a ThinkTank in English to gather global insights on how to encourage a culture where people feel free to speak up. Click on the button below to participate.

Interested to participate in other ThinkTanks? register here to receive invitation to future ThinkTank sessions.

Find out more about this ThinkTank in the attached report (in German)