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Get actionable insights by engaging your employees or other stakeholders via our unique, agile online dialogues.

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What can Synthetron do for you?

Synthetron helps you unlock the answers you need via a unique crowdsourcing platform for online dialogues:

  • a real time, moderated, focused 1-hour conversation with 10 to 1,000 participants joining in writing from their own device
  • safe for clients, safe for participants – it is anonymous
  • easy to set up; easy to participate
  • fast turnaround:   less than 4 weeks from briefing to final report
  • a team of seasoned consultants will help you capitalise on the learnings
  • used by world-class organisations for more than 10 years

Move forward. Together.

What will Synthetron give you?


Actionable insightsFinding out what people really think

Agile process: Easy to set up, focused online dialogues. Guided by our expert moderators to quickly and efficiently give you access to the wisdom and insights of the crowd.

Engaging experience: Give large groups a safe, anonymous space to get to the heart of the matter. It’s enjoyable and user friendly, and it’s a safe space to discuss emotional topics.

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