Hear what citizens have to say in Synthetron online dialogues

Citizen participation

A fast, safe and engaging way to give citizens a voice in the public debate. To drive better public policies. To make sure people feel their opinion matters. To build the future together.

Why listen to citizens with Synthetron?

Give people a new way to have a voice.

There is a growing appetite for citizens to have a direct voice in the public debate. But giving citizens a voice can be challenging: town hall meetings don’t include enough people or views and don’t work for large disperse groups.

Synthetron online dialogue offers an efficient, affordable way to involve citizens in the debate. To address challenges and generate winning ideas. To build engagement, support and credibility.

Online, anonymous and easy to access, our method reaches beyond the noise to what lies beyond. The most important ideas rise to the top so you can create an effective and supported plan to move forward.

In the race for customers, Synthetron gives you an advantage

What do you want to know?

Synthetron has worked with a range of organisations including cities, provincial and national governments, EU specialist areas and NGOs to engage citizens in policy making.

In the last 10 years, we have worked on topics such as:

  • Understand current situation and issues
  • Evaluate a new policy or plan
  • Co-create solutions for the future

Some citizen participation projects we have helped on:

Citizen consultation to improve road tax plans

One of the largest scale citizen engagements project we have undertaken was with the ANWB – the motorists’ organisation in the Netherlands. They wanted to evaluate plans to change the road tax mechanism. Check out this case here

Hybrid mass consultation with citizens

The very first world G1000, and many G1000 that followed, use the Synthetron platform to increase engagement and extend reach. Check out this case here

How citizens were invited to share their views on their future environment

As part of the 'Randstad 2040' vision development project, 400 citizens were invited to discuss their views of the ideal future for the ‘Randstad’ through Synthetron online discussions. Check out this case here

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