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Involving stakeholders

A fast, safe, and engaging way to tap into the wisdom of knowledge holders and engage key influencers on key topics.
To inform your business decisions. To nurture the relationship with people that matter.

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Why listen to key stakeholders with Synthetron?

Your organization lives in an ecosystem with a wide range of stakeholders who can influence your business.

Understanding what key stakeholders think and engaging with them is critical to your business success. But bringing them together around the table can be challenging especially for disperse groups.

Synthetron works like a virtual think tank. It enables you to bring knowledge holders around the table to discuss any topic that matters to you in an agile and efficient way.

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What do you want to know?

Synthetron adapts itself to a variety of challenges

We have worked with organisations from big corporations to NGO’s and government on topics such as:

  • Thinktanks with high-level experts or other stakeholders:
    – to understand current situation and issues
    – to gather ideas and co-create solutions
    – to evaluate a new policy or plan
  • Conference Enhancer – Make your conference interactive and innovative by holding meta workshops, reflections moments or hybrid workgroups
  • Anything that you can think of – Our customers have turned out to be the most creative inventors of new applications of our platform!

Some projects involving a wide range of stakeholders we have helped on:

Stakeholder conference turned virtual at a Dutch Bank.

Rabobank used Synthetron as a tool to change their already planned physical conference into a virtual dialogue event that truly engaged and created interaction with their stakeholders during the Covid-19 crisis. Check out this case here.

German Foreign policy review project

The Foreign ministry of Germany mandated Synthetron to learn on “What goes wrong?” with Germany’s foreign policy with central and embassy staff for its 2014 Review process. Check out this case here.

How a large consulting company engaged high level experts

Commissioned by McKinsey & Company, Synthetron organized a high-level panel of more than twenty academics from Harvard, Yale and Oxford to discuss issues around the treatment for depression and evaluate treatment paths. Check out this case here.

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