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What they say about us

Find out what our clients, partners and participants thought about the experience of using Synthetron on their challenges.

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How clients describe our service and its value added

  • I have been looking for a long time for a collaborative solution which would enable me to collect ideas and feedback from a group of managers based around the world in a short timeframe – such an hour. My individual experience is that usual conference call tools do not meet these conditions. I have just experienced Synthetron and I find that it is very efficient tool to satisfy these needs!
    Herve Coureil, top manager
    Schneider Electric S.A., Paris
  • Synthetron helped us in a very professional way to reach more than 6000 members in online conversations on the key issues of the ‘car tax proposal’. Our members were happy as they found it easy and engaging to participate. And for us, getting a collaborative filtered outcome on such a large scale made the process very efficient and transparent. We got deep insight into what our members think, feel and why, on the different policy issues. The excellent report enabled us to bring balanced and motivated advice to the government with co-created stakeholder support.
    Guido Van Woerkom
    President & CEO ANWB (NL)
  • The general feeling within the group of Tata people involved in the Synthetron Session has been very positive. They like the approach and can see how it can be used in a much wider range of topics. I've little doubt that it will be used again within Marketing. From a personal perspective I was very impressed with the speed with which this piece of work was turned around and this is due to the hard work and commitment you and your colleagues put in”
    Pete Longdon, Manager, New Technology and Innovation, Tata Steel Europe
  • Synthetron has proved to be extremely effective in listening to our customers and in getting feedback and new ideas from them. I would have never imagined to collect so many insights in real time, directly from our customers in just 60 minutes
    Bruno Coletta, Head of Marketing & CRM, PAYBACK Italy
  • This is a fantastic way to get the pulse of an organization in such an efficient way. I can only encourage all project leaders to do this as it also helps a lot on change management.
    HR talent manager Pharmaceutical company
  • This exceeded our expectations, and those were high.
    Senior Manager Beverage multinational

How participants describe the experience

  • I love talking like this – it nice to see how others react to honesty  – there are real advantages of being honest  and talking like this – it is really interesting.
  • Brainstorm seems very efficient way to gather a lot of input and let everyone have his/her say.
  • Really got me into the topic, learned something in engaging way.
  • Thank you for involving us!
  • Heel zinvol: eigenlijk komen veel ideeën terug en iedereen heeft de kans om zijn idee te ventileren.
  • Veloce, interessante: un po’ come incontrarsi al bar e scambiare 4 parole di presenza. Andrebbe fatto più spesso... Un ottimo modo per conoscere il pensiero dei propri clienti in maniera rapida e anomima

How partners describe our value added

  • To get an excellent qualitative understanding of a company or a department, as far as I know, nothing beats a Synthetron.
    Prof. T. Compernolle, PhD MDINSEAD
  • Synthetron is the ideal moderator for your online conversations thanks to its in-depth expertise in conversations. Synthetron takes ownership of your issue in order to find the best possible solutions via online dialogue. It provides a quantitative valuation of your qualitative interviews
  • Un véritable outil de coaching à grande échelle. Une plateforme virtuelle capable de transmettre les énergies présentes au sein des équipes. Des résultats crédibles fondés sur ce que les gens disent pensent ressentent et vivent et non des conclusions de consultants. Une grande adhésion aux conclusions. La vitesse est clef. Accélération des transformations culturelles et du travail sur l’identité en impliquant le plus grand nombre en peu de temps. Permet de faire participer au travers de géographies étendues. (A real coaching tool on a large scale. A virtual platform capable of transmitting the energies present within the teams. Credible results based on what people say are feeling and living, not conclusions of consultants. Great adherence to the conclusions. Speed is key – it accelerates cultural transformations and work on identity by involving the greatest number in a short time. Enables participation through extended geographies.) 
    Jean Keup & Isabelle Sol Dourdin - Sekaten

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