Synthetron e-Workshops & Conferences

A tool to facilitate interactive dialogues and support your virtual trainings, workshops and conferences.

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Why Synthetron for workshops and conferences?

To replace your physical workshops, brainstorms and conferences.

Big organizations can’t be managed without intense interaction. But sometimes, due to circumstances related to health care issues, cost cuttings or simply to run your environmental agenda, going virtual is the better option. But, what tool can you use to facilitate interactive dialogues with big groups of people?

Our solution

What we offer

An efficient and engaging e-dialogue platform, that can easily be used alongside a videoconferencing tool for business solutions for up to 1000 participants. Letting participants write, evaluate and create a list of best ideas, in real time!

What is so special?

    • It works from any location: Participants only need a device like PC/Laptop/Tablet and a stable internet connection.
    • Allows participation and organized interactions with up to 1000 participants in real-time.
    • It identifies the best feedback, ranked by participants.
    • You can get supported by a team of experts running online-dialogues based on several set-ups and applications in up to 15 languages worldwide.

The power of real interaction

A tool that ensures an active and engaging experience of idea confrontation.

Your teams can collaborate even more effectively, given you have the right tools at hand. Let’s think beyond your standard videoconferencing tool. The relevant answer today for groups of 10 and more are well moderated interactive dialogues, offering everyone the chance to make his/her voice heard.

 Everyone can “speak” and “be listened to”.

A few cases on clients we helped

How a multinational organization used crowdsourcing to address disappointing HR survey results.

Synthetron held a series of online discussions segmented by management level and business unit/country to uncover a surprising set of root causes behind the disappointing HR survey results. Check out this case here.

How a telecom company built its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) from the bottom up

A telecom operator felt it needed a clear Employee Value proposition. Through a set of discussions in different languages we were able to identify the perceived value proposition for different segments, what was in common and different. Check out this case here.

How a top league consultancy used Synthetron to address diversity

Synthetron organized separated online sessions for male employees and one for females to identify the distinct sets of motivation and retention factors, allowing the organisation to differentiate its policy towards the two groups Check out this case here.

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