How can Synthetron help you?

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We have been running Synthetron dialogues for more than 10 years.
Giving organisations a way to listen to large, dispersed groups of employees, citizen, customers or other stakeholders.
Supporting clients with fresh, focused and actionable insights.

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Why use Synthetron?

You want to get actionable insights. To get results as a team.

Our unique crowdsoursing methodology for online dialogues is an efficient and engaging way to get tangible, actionable insights from the people that matter. So you can move forward. Together.

  • Fast: Typical time from first briefing to final output is 4 weeks
  • Scalable: Invite 10-1000 people from anywhere in the world
  • Convenient: no downloads, participants can log in from any location
  • Focused: moderated 1 hour discussion
  • Engaging: anonymous, enjoyable, user-friendly, real time interaction
  • Inclusive and conclusive: everyone has a voice, no idea is wasted, best ideas prioritized by the group
  • Valuable: experienced high level consultants working closely with you to discover actionable insights
  • Trusted: by key players for more than 10 years
  • Available in 14 languages
How can we help you progress?

Ways we help

Reach beyond surveys and interviews to uncover what people really think with our unique crowdsourcing methodology.

We offer end to end service where we take care of everything or tailored options to fit your needs.

To help you get the most of our agile and engaging online dialogues.
This is what we do for you:

  • agree the objectives of the dialogues with you
  • decide who will be invited
  • agree when the sessions will take place
  • develop the questions with you
  • moderate the one hour dialogues
  • analyse the data in depth
  • get you the insights you need

Do you want a robust understanding of your people with fresh, focused feedback you can use straight away?

We analyse several dimensions to get the insights you need:

  • participants’ activity and discussion dynamics to understand engagement
  • content analysis to understand what they talk about (themes) and their relative importance
  • mindset analysis to understand how they talk about it
  • clustering of themes and sentiments and the balance between them
  • segment analysis to understand the opinions, needs and drivers of subgroups
  • what divides/connects them
  • Analysis of change dynamics and how to influence them using our 3H change forces model

More than just offering a methodology, our team of experienced high level consultants works closely with you to help you move forward.

We help you navigate a complex situation and we start by listening to you. Understand what is happening and find out what you want to know.

We use our 10 years+ experience with more than 250 clients to provide value added consulting on:

  • How to best engage stakeholders
  • How to best design the online dialogues to address your objectives
  • Benchmarking vs. other organisations
  • How to go beyond the obvious to deepen insight
  • How to translate the insights into action
  • How to capitalize on the learnings to move forward

Who we have helped

We have carried out projects in the following areas:

Business sectors: finance and banking, telecoms, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, service industries, retail, distribution, privatised public transport, food production and executive training.

Governments: education departments, planning, public transport, health – including several large hospitals – libraries, sustainable development and cities.

NGO sector: large multinational charities and small niche ones.

Membership organisations: national and international professional bodies and membership groups.

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