Strategy and change management

Why use Synthetron?

Engaging staff in the change process or strategy development will make it stick better.

Consulting employees on a strategy or change program gives you valuable input and is key to ensure they are with you rather than resisting the change. But the normal way to achieve this can be costly, time consuming, subjective and sometimes unreliable.

Whether you are pre-change, mid-change or at the end of the process, Synthetron online dialogues will help you get the answers you need to move on in an efficient way while making sure your people feel their opinion matters.

End up with a more robust plan and demonstrate a new way of leading by valuing your employees’ input and making them feel part of what is happening.

What do you want to know?

Whether you are pre-change, mid-change or at the end of the process, we can help you.

We have worked with a broad spectrum organisations from big corporations to NGO’s on a wide range of programs:

  • Co-create strategic direction and understand perceived success factors
  • Leadership team dialogues: Get valuable input from your team on strategic direction and their change readiness
  • Co-create higher vision, purpose, mission, values
  • Get feedback about your strategic options (alignment, KSF’s, risks) with wider management layers
  • Communication of the change story: Test and understand how to make it stick before launch
  • During organisational change: Keep finger on the pulse and understand progress, bottlenecks and solutions (click here to find out more)
  • Get operation feedback direct from shop floor on processes so you can adapt
  • Pre-merger: Understand fears, hopes, KSF’s and know how to best prepare and plan
  • During merger: engage & understand progress perceived, bottlenecks and how to overcome them
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Real online interaction

A fast, safe and immersive way to engage employees in strategy development and change programs.
To drive strategic alignment. To improve implementation.
To make the change stick better.

Some Strategy & change management projects we have helped on:

How using Synthetron during a virtual videoconference meeting allowed 150 managers to innovate.

Innovation during social distancing and working from home. How an interactive virtual meeting with 150 managers made innovating possible, even in times of Covid-19 crisis. By combining Webex and Synthetron. Check out this case here.

How an international NGO involved its staff to shape its new strategy bottom up

This international NGO is one of the biggest. The winds of change were blowing through the organisation. Therefore, it wanted to update its strategy. In an unprecedented move the Head of Strategy decided to involve everybody. However they had staff in 80 countries and no shared language. Check out this case here.

How a Multinational aligned the 100 top managers on a strategic change program

The leadership of a multinational decided to investigate the alignment of its top 100 managers with the strategic change program launched 4 months earlier. Check out this case here

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