How Synthetron works with a partner

How Synthetron works with Partners

The Synthetron software and consulting methodology gives you the power to listen, co-create and engage on a mass scale with your client's stakeholders.
By partnering with Synthetron, you can offer more to your clients.

How we help. Working with Synthetron clients

What is in it for you?

Expand your tool-set, increase your impact, and stand out from the rest

  • Wish you could easily listen to and engage large numbers of your clients’ employees that are geographically spread out and speak different languages?
  • Feel that focus groups or surveys fail to capture honest & helpful feedback?
  • Believe in engaging the power of your client’s collective wisdom?

Explore becoming a partner of Synthetron.

Thanks to our proven agile and innovative method, you’ll be able to reach out and engage large numbers of employees/stakeholders in your clients’ organisations, to efficiently to get authentic insights that delivers strategic and operational insights.
Move away from long personal interviews, heavy focus groups or dull surveys and offer an innovative and easy to use alternative for information gathering – that your clients will love!

Applications are numerous – strategic, change management, and HR just to name a few.

How synthetron works with partners?

When it comes to working with a Synthetron partner, we like to keep an open mind.

We work with large international management consultancies, boutique firms and high level independents.

There are two types of partnership:

  • You want to become an accredited partner and brand the Synthetron platform to incorporate as a seamless part of your offering?  we train and  certify you
  • You just want to use the methodology on a specific project and like to get support from us? We gladly support you end to end or just on some critical steps

Use the contact page to arrange an exploratory chat with one of our senior consultants.

Some partners cases

Listen to people from different locations and speaking different languages

One of our consulting partners organised a large scale conversation with their client's employees that worked in various locations and spoke various languages. With Synthetron, we moderated on-hour online discussions in Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish. Our partner took the resulting data-set, had it translated, analysed it, and in just 3 weeks, they were able to share deep insights that helped their client to grow, sharpen their strategy, and better understand what interventions were needed.

Discuss strategic choices with the board

This consulting partner asked us to host a difficult conversation with their client's board of directors. The partner scripted, co-moderated with us a safe, anonymous and interactive dialogue on strategic choices. The written and ranked results from the dialogue were used the next day at the client's board meeting to help them progress on strategic choices. By having an anonymous meeting, board members were free to really say what they thought in a constructive fashion.

Mobilize thousands of employees in culture change

A change management coaching boutique leveraged Synthetron's online dialogues to accelerate the pace of a client's culture change program, by effectively reaching out and discussing the change with ~ 5000 employees. By organising six e-dialogues (with our partner's branding), we engaged employees from the client's shop-floor to management. Our partner - consulting boutique of 5 people were able to mobilise thousands of people by leveraging Synthetron's methodology.

At Synthetron we listen to a partner

How Synthetron works with partners. Moving forward. Together.

Explore becoming a Synthetron partner

Some of our great partners


7Zebra’s is a creative Dutch advice network on societal challenges. 7Zebra’s creates analysis and vision products in an innovative way. (NL)

Human to Business

HR consultants advising in executive search, coaching, leadership, team intelligence, change engineering and management by values

Promoting development of attitudes that foster self-management and engagement.

Human to Business’s fundamental values: motivating partnership, efficiency and joy of co-creation.

Lysias consulting group

Lysias consulting group is formed by a mix of advisers and interim managers who are specialized in public causes. Their team consists out of a team of very experienced advisers and young talent. (NL)

Maatschap voor communicatie

Maatschap voor communicatie is a Dutch boutique communications bureau existing out of a group of enthusiastic, involved, communication professionals. (NL)


With a strong and consolidated experience, Mading achieves tangible results in business interventions, adopting a pragmatic approach, generating innovation and accompanying organizations in the processes of change and staff development. (IT)


The McKinsey Amsterdam office serves all of the Netherlands’ key sectors. It’s a global hub that supports major international companies—and plays a central role in McKinsey’s global knowledge development. (NL)


Consultants in Business Process & Supply Chain Management (BE)


Nyenrode Business Universiteit works on a sustainable future by stimulating their students and participants to grow into responsible leaders. They do so by offering them a combination of academic theory, practical relevance and personal development. (NL)


The Onderwijscoöperatie is a Dutch teacher organization that organizes events and represents teachers from throughout the Netherlands. (NL)

Open University

Develops, provides and promotes innovative higher distance education of top quality, in collaboration with networks and alliances (NL)


Consultants for the successful implementation of changes in the field of processes, systems, culture and management (NL)

Politique Numerique

Philippe Le Gonnidec is a multimedia strategy consultant and has been working over the last 18 years with large companies, international institutions and national as well as local public authorities in France and Europe to develop their internet strategies.

SAMR Marktvinders

SAMR is a company that specializes in Market Finding™, a unique discipline that combines data with behavioral science, design thinking and the power of implementation.


Connecting interactional efficiency and sustainable performance.
They accompany leaders, teams, organizations and individuals, to rebound from problematic situations, when they want to achieve a difficult objective, or increase their performance.


Sequoia has built a highly dynamic and reputable boutique Organisation Development suite of services bringing solutions to clients in the public, private and social sectors. Sequoia Consulting provides transformational solutions in the domains of Strategy, Change, Leadership Development and Organisational Learning. In short: Plan, Change, Lead and Learn solutions. Their services include Consulting, Facilitation, Capacity-building through Coaching, Workshops and Action-Learning.


simplyEff applies its transformative culture methodology within companies with the aim of creating synergy between the different roles in the working groups, in particular in the active safety and quality processes. (IT)


Ukon is a leading organisational psychology consulting firm, helping leaders meet ambitious goals – and address complicated challenges that hinder the organisation’s progress. They enable their clients to resolve strategically important leadership challenges swiftly and successfully by developing personal leadership competencies, management team effectiveness and overall organizational capabilities. UKON has 20 highly educated consultants with extensive consulting and leadership experience. With offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, they have provided consulting services for 25 years to leading private and public organizations in Denmark and abroad.

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