Synthetron online dialogue: how it works

How Synthetron works

A Synthetron online dialogue is quick and easy to set up. Discover the winning ideas in your organisation for a stronger strategy to move forward.

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How Synthetron works

Watch our short animation for an overview of how Synthetron works to identify the most important ideas from participants.

Your participants – up to 1000 per session – access the online platform with one click – no downloads or cookies. And they don’t need much bandwidth to participate from their tablet or laptop.

During the session, participants share their opinions, evaluate and build on each other’s ideas – real time. Our unique evolutionary crowdsourcing algorithm enables participants to identify the most supported ideas.

Participants feel appreciated and engaged and you get you the input you need to move forward, instantly.



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How Synthetron can help

If you are wondering when a Synthetron online dialogue could help you then you are in the right place.

This short animation explains some of the reasons why leaders find it helps their decision making and participants feel engaged and useful.

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How Synthetron feels for participants

If you are considering having a Synthetron online dialogue in your organisation, then this short video will give you an idea of what to expect during the event.

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