A move towards HEROIC Organisations

Learn about the changes that your team needs to implement to make it to the new normal.

We now know that, as a result of the COVID crisis, we have become more interdependent, more aware of others’ strengths, more willing to let people take initiatives, more forgiving of mistakes and more willing to learn from them.

Importantly, 46% of participants in our eDialogue were very confident that they could apply their newfound agility and adaptability in the “New Normal”, and they were quite specific in listing the types of changes needed going forward — the changes needed to create HEROIC organisations.

This report will enable you to see how you can apply these findings to your own organisation.



A Synthetron eDialogue provides a safe, anonymous space for people to share what’s on their minds. In this case, it allowed us to capture not only how people’s work experience has changed because of COVID but also what changes they think are needed moving forward.

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