get ahead with a cropwdsourced approach to Inclusion and diversity

Synthetron I&D+

Synthetron I&D+ (Inclusion & Diversity)

Many companies are facing the challenge of improving Inclusion & Diversity in their organisation. Synthetron can help you find the truth on a subject where your employees may be afraid to speak their mind.

How can we help you understand your employees better?

An inclusive process for Inclusion

Just some of the reasons why our clients have worked with us for their Inclusion & Diversity goals

  • Inclusive: invite everybody.
  • Diverse: get participation from the shy, less confident, less articulate Engaging: shift from ‘they should.. ‘ to ‘what can I do?’. Engagement up 30-70% by end of discussion
  • Anonymous: participants can say what they really think and feel even on sensitive topics
  • Segmentation: split by department, gender, age, region etc
  • Efficient: many staff , just four weeks from initiation to insight
  • Conclusive: the algorithm tells you what really matters to the group
  • Tried and tested : 1000+ online discussions in 15 languages. Benchmark your results.
As a Synthetron participant you have a safe space to express yourself

A safe space to talk

Those who feel their voice doesn’t count may never speak up and those who are the most comfortable can say the most.

If you want to tackle this sensitive topic and modernise the culture in your organisation, you need to know what you are dealing with. That means using a tool that is accessible to all and safe for everybody to say what they think, even if it’s controversial, even if it’s career threatening in a normal situation, even if it’s not politically correct.

As well as helping you see the world from their point of view, you will benefit from the knowing which are the most supported actions and best ideas for change.

What Synthetron I&D+ will give you

Increase engagement with your I&D program. You can expect the following output from working with Synthetron I&D+:

  • Key assessment of current situation (what is going well and what isn’t) plus differences by group
  • Key actions that the group support and think will help
  • Motivational patterns à how to communicate effectively to shift behaviour
  • Benchmarking of your own people over time, of one department compared to another, of your people compared to Synthetron benchmarks