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Breaking the spiral of Silence in organizations – Results from our April 3 Think Tank

How to enable a culture in which employees feel free to speak up


Following earlier Think Tank that identified the need to break the circle of silence, we focused on “How to enable a culture in which employees feel free to speak up”

So what did we find out?

Company culture/management style plays a leading role. Respondents talked about a culture of trust, respect, transparency and empowerment. The absence of fear, blame and gossip is a must.

Also important is the development of skills and competencies: learning to address issues in a non-confrontational way, adopting open (non-defensive) attitudes and developing interpersonal skills that support teamwork and collaboration.

A third enabler concerns roles and responsibilities. Management has to ‘walk-the-talk’ by encouraging feedback and using it positively. Employees need to take responsibility for speaking up.

Interestingly, only 50% of the respondents claimed to be (very) comfortable with speaking up at work, There is still significant room for improvement.

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NEXT THINK TANK Wednesday 12 June 2019, 17-17.45 CEST (GMT+2)

The subject will be “How to contain the elements that can kill a ‘speak-up culture’ such as fear, blame and gossip”.