Synthetron products are tailored online dialogues for specific situations.

Synthetron Express

Synthetron Express

Let your people express themselves using this fast, focused tool for meaningful interaction on specific topics. Turn the whole thing around in less than 24 hours.

Synthetron clients want to hear what employees have to say in our online dialogues

Why express yourself?

Every time we do a Synthetron discussion we see engagement increase by 30-70%.

So why not harness that at the same time as gathering good ideas in a regular Synthetron Express session?

A simple 30 minute format of a check in question to flag any burning issues then a focused topic will get you  a hierarchy of issues and actions that you can start to work on the same day.  Quick to set up, quick to run, quick to understand. High efficiency and high impact


Get ready to compete for customers with a Synthetron dialogue

Who should Express themselves?

Everybody with a relevant point of view or a stake in the game.

Bring together global teams and specialists to work through today’s challenges, share ideas and spread best practice.

You might want to run a regular monthly check in of all your field staff for example. Or gathering the whole global network of procurement staff or marketing specialists.