Nivek Thompson


Nivek has held senior roles in government and non-governmental organisations for 25 years, where her work focused on innovative reform and change management. Through this work she has developed specialist skills in engaging employees, stakeholders and the community.

Most recently Nivek has worked as Project Director with the new Democracy Foundation designing and managing deliberative processes to engage citizens on difficult issues.

Nivek has qualifications in psychology, education, law and public administration. She is currently undertaking a PhD looking at how democratic innovations such as citizens’ juries can improve democracy.

When she’s not working or studying Nivek enjoys walking her dogs, reading, and cooking. Her Reading Group has been meeting monthly for over 20 years and they have read over 200 books.

Fields of expertise

  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management and communications
  • Research, public policy and strategic planning
  • Program and project management


  • English (native)