A fast and engaging way to find out what your customers think, feel and want.
To get powerful customer insights. To make better decisions.
To give customers a chance to influence product and service design.

Why listen to customers with Synthetron?

Score a bullseye with powerful customer insights.

Gaining a deep understanding of what your customers think and want is key to steer your business. But customers might not tell you what they think if they feel embarrassed in a focus group or interview.

Synthetron online dialogues give you an effective and engaging way to understand your customers. To give yourself valuable insights to steer your business. To make customers feel their voice matters.

It is like a mega focus group that combines the depth of a qualitative research with the rigor of a quantitative research. Because it is anonymous, it takes that social pressure off the table.

What do you want to know?

Synthetron adapts itself to a variety of challenges.

We have worked with a range of organisations from big corporations to associations on topics such:

  • Understand the drivers and barriers for your brand among different customers profiles
  • Understand why you are losing market share
  • Understand what makes customers tick on a new concept or new territory
  • Understand satisfaction drivers among your customers overall or with the customer experiences
  • Co-create new products and solutions with your most loyal customers

Some customers insights projects we have worked on:

New concept Proposition Lab

For Wehkamp, the largest online department store in the Netherlands, Synthetron organized a Proposition Lab session to test a new concept and co-develop it further with over 20 participants in a targeted customer segment. Quicker & cheaper than with traditional research. Check out this case here

Customer Mindset Profile

Synthetron helped a leading European financial service company analyse the mindset of their customers. The results were detailed recommendations regarding the type of
language the company should use when interacting with their clients. Check out this case here

Involving >1000 customers in co-creation

Thanks to Synthetron, Payback, the largest Italian multipartner loyalty program, involved its customers in co-creating new initiatives and better user experience with the biggest ever virtual focus group - 1300 participants in one session. Check out this case here

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