Will 2019 be a more civil society, with a cleaner ecology and new habits?

Our ThinkTank revealed 3 fundamental levers for a good 2019 year for the world

Early January, we organized a Synthetron Think-Tank on how to make 2019 a very good year.

Based on this 45 minutes very active discussion, the group identified 3 fundamental levers for 2019 to be a good year:
1. Become a more human and connected society, with fair distribution of wealth and future-oriented leadership;
2. Take steps towards a radical improvement in environmental terms
3. Engage people to change habits and promote the change

The pathways towards this imply both a hard policy change and soft behaviour change from all of us. More than 55% of the participants are optimistic and another 25% are cautiously optimistic about the world in 2019.

Their wish for a better political, social and human SOCIETY is all about leadership, democracy and redistribution of wealth, health, social resources, more human connection, trust and responsibility and less consumption. The pathways to realise these wish are:
• Politically, this requires the crafting of a new vision. A happy, low- emission life will help mankind to transition, y more involvement of people, dialogue to find ways forward and an accountable future oriented leadership
• Society will benefit from more transparency and a more open, listening environment; independent journalism will flourish again, and there will be a movement towards a more connected human culture of trust and responsibility

Their wishes for the ENVIRONMENT are for a green, clean planet that is more sustainable; we will be more consciousness that we live in a living planet and making the shift towards green mobility. The pathways to realise this wish are:
• To achieve a cleaner world, with cleaner soil, cleaner air and with plastic and emissions reduction, we will tax the use of cars and carbon, and implement environmental accounting to promote product maintenance instead of replacement. There will be a quantum improvement in technology leading to cleaner energy and alternative natural products;
• Raise awareness and motivate people to make a radical change in their consumption habits, nudging people into behaviour change and more environmentally conscious living.

These participants realised that they are all CHANGE AGENTS and can be more active in making the wishes come true:
• They will demonstrate change of their own behaviour and influence and educate for a more environmentally responsible lifestyle