Synthetron EE+ (Employee Engagement)

Synthetron EE+

Looking for a new approach to employee engagement?
Synthetron EE+ gives you positive feedback and a way forward.

Is EE+ for you?

How do you know if you should switch from traditional employee engagement surveys to EE+?

  • Do you want the extra insight of deep and actionable results from your Employee Engagement efforts? Or a quick follow-up to see how things are shifting? Do you need to understand the why and what next of trouble spots in your survey results?
  • Are you feeling that traditional ways of tracking Employee Engagement are losing impact and open to the  benefits of new more interactive approaches?
  • Are you new to Employee Engagement and want an innovative and interactive way to go about it?

Our approach

Rather than filling in surveys individually (tedious, lonely, unproductive – or just never completed), why not have your teams work together?

Colleagues from a single department have an online discussion with each other.
The dialogues are set up so they can find both causes and solutions for their concerns through a structured discussion with open questions.
The discussion is completely anonymous so it is a safe and honest environment.
And you get exactly the feedback you need to identify what is wrong. And what would help in their own part of the business.
Evidenced issues and targeted actions that your managers can start to address immediately.

Results that matter

Everybody wants to have their say.

Involve everyone in team by team discussions. Each department gets their results within a week showing them the key challenges and most popular actions from the people closest to the situation.

Then at the end of the process we can create a heat map for the whole organisation showing the aggregated picture.

It’s way more than a survey. It’s an engaging process that gives you a ratified picture from the team themselves, using their language and reflecting their concerns and creativity. Fresh, frank feedback that your department heads can start to use immediately and over time, bench-marking data to see how things are improving..

Capturez plus effcicacement opinions et propositions de vos collaborateurs via les sessions de crowdsorcing Synthetron

Who uses it?

Several large organisations are already tapping into this better way of measuring employee satisfaction…and finding a way forward.

We have worked with manufacturing companies, hospitals, emergency services and public transport. They talk about several benefits:

  • much quicker turnaround from commissioning to results
  • more meaningful data for department managers and overall leadership team
  • great for engaging employees, shifting them from passive to proactive and building team spirit
  • real data from real people that brings real results