How Synthetron works - Technical FAQs

No, we have designed the platform to use a small amount of bandwidth to maximise inclusion of participants.

No, they can just click on the invitation link and jump straight on to the dialogue without having to download anything.

No. All participants are given a random identification code by the system. We don’t know who anyone is.

What we do know is what each code number (a single anonymous participant) did, so we can look for patterns that relate to segments.

All of the data is held on our secure servers. Only the Synthetron authorised associates working on the project can access it.

We regularly test our software on the main browsers to ensure compatibility. You should be able to use it on any of them. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

You can use Synthetron on a pc or mac or tablet. You can also participate on your phone, though we don’t recommend that as it is harder to see the comments people are making.

We recommend logging in to the session to make sure you don’t have any firewall issues. Also, if it is not already the case, participants will need to have activex and javascript enabled.