Association members

A fast, safe and engaging way to find out what your members really think and feel. To give them more of what they want.
To engage them and build the future together.

Why listen to members with Synthetron?

Paying attention to members views is the lifeblood of a vibrant organisation.

What your members think is important but it’s not always easy to find it out. Most membership organisations have only a small percentage of active members. You may know a lot about what they think, but little about the silent majority.

Synthetron online dialogues offers an efficient way to understand the needs of your members and make them feel more connected to your organization.

A Synthetron dialogue creates a new kind of relationship with your membership. Allowing them to co-create the future with you.

How can we help you understand your employees better?

What do you want to know?

Synthetron adapts itself to a variety of challenges

We have worked with organisations such as trade associations, professional bodies, consumer organisations and labour unions on topics such as:

  • deepen understanding of members, drivers and barriers to become a member via Meta Focus group dialogues
  • re-frame the service offer to give your membership the kind of service that will build loyalty and effectiveness

Some membership engagement projects we have helped on:

How an automobile association engaged its members to advise the government

The ANWB – the Dutch national automobile association – needed a clear and complete image of what its members‘ opinions were on a controversial proposed law, in order to advise the government. Check out this case here

How an industry body extended the membership relationship

An industry body ran regular large scale conferences with members but felt it needed to update the offer. They used Synthetron before and after the conference to build engagement. Check out this case here

Do you want to know what your members think and engage them in an active process? Contact us now.