HR and employee engagement

A fast, safe and engaging way to listen to your employees’ concerns and ideas.
To make better decisions.
To drive employee engagement and commitment.

Why Synthetron for employees?

Build a winning team by engaging your employees.

You want your employees to be committed and engaged. But it’s not easy to find out what they really think and what is blocking them. The normal way to achieve this can be costly, time consuming, subjective and sometimes unreliable.

Whether you need to explore a sensitive topic, support a change program or work on a policy, Synthetron online dialogues will help you get the answers you need in an efficient way while making sure your people feel their opinion matters.

Because a Synthetron session is anonymous, participants feel free to speak their mind and you get to find out the truth of the matter.

What do you want to know?

HR is an obvious area for Synthetron dialogues.

We have worked with a broad spectrum of organisations from big corporations to NGO’s and governments on a wide range of HR applications:

  • Employee satisfaction measurement – new style: no long surveys but team dialogues that matter with Synthetron EE+
  • Survey results follow-up: understand the why and find solutions
  • Co-create corporate culture with your employees and give meaning to values
  • Support change programs from start to finish: understand needs, progress and readiness to change
  • Employee Branding: Get vital input for Employee Value Propositions (EVP), brand values and purpose
  • Inclusion & Diversity (I&D): assess the state of affairs and points of improvement with Synthetron I&D+
  • Review HR policies effectiveness with management / employee groups (expats, performance, talent, gender, hipo policy)
  • Adress Sensitive topics such as Health, Safety and Ethics in a safe dialogue to find out what happens and how to change it
  • First 100 days: get valuable input from the organisation to speed up onboarding

A few cases on clients we helped

How a multinational organization used crowdsourcing to address disappointing HR survey results.

Synthetron held a series of online discussions segmented by management level and business unit/country to uncover a surprising set of root causes behind the disappointing HR survey results. Check out this case here.

How a telecom company built its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) from the bottom up

A telecom operator felt it needed a clear Employee Value proposition. Through a set of discussions in different languages we were able to identify the perceived value proposition for different segments, what was in common and different. Check out this case here.

How a top league consultancy used Synthetron to address diversity

Synthetron organized separated online sessions for male employees and one for females to identify the distinct sets of motivation and retention factors, allowing the organisation to differentiate its policy towards the two groups Check out this case here.

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