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Case: testing a new concept efficiently

How a retailer used Synthetron Proposition Lab to test a new concept.


“We have used Synthetron Proposition Lab to test new concepts for specific target audiences. This was done much quicker than with traditional research, with a better geographical spread, cheaper and in a multitasking environment.”

Frans Melenhorst (Manager Customer Marketing at Wehkamp, The Netherlands)


As part of the multi-channel sales strategy, a large, online department store in the Netherlands was looking for a way to test a new concept for a specific target audience in a predefined age group. 

Synthetron Proposition Lab provided a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution.


Approximately 20 consumers in the targeted customer segment were invited to join the one-hour Proposition Lab to review the developed concept. The Proposition Lab is a real-time Synthetron discussion that functions as a virtual workshop.

Participants are asked questions about new concepts and discuss their views on it. They select the good, and bad parts of the new concept. By voting on each others statements the participants filter out the most important ideas.


The Proposition Lab gave useful insights into how to develop the concept further. This was done in a quick, and efficient way. Another benefit of the online discussion was that the participants could enter the discussion, no matter where they were. This resulted in a better geographical spread.

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