Rabobank Engages Stakeholders in Online Dialogues

How Synthetron’s platform allowed 5000 stakeholders to have their voice heard by the Dutch cooperative bank, Rabobank.


Rabobank started by hosting physical roundtable dialogues with their stakeholders to enrich the quantitative data and foster in-person connection. But because of Covid-19, the setup had to change to online. That is when they sought out the help of Synthetron to organize data-driven and engaging online dialogues.

“In meetings, it’s not unusual you often hear the ones with the loudest voices. In a dialogue, it’s important that everyone can elaborate and contribute on a basis of equality. That’s a great benefit of working with this online .” – Maaike Van Leeuwen, Adviser at Rabobank.

Download the full case report here: https://synthetron.com/case-rabobank-en/

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