Case: leadership meeting needs an agenda

How a large multinational used Synthetron to focus the agenda for a top leadership meeting.


A large multinational was planning the agenda for its Top 100 Leadership meeting. They did this every two years.

This time they wanted to discuss how to implement the new strategy. Head Office had created it and they wanted to see it in action.


Prior to the meeting the team used Synthetron to work out where to focus the agenda. They wanted to discover which aspects of the strategy were most important.

Before developing the script, Synthetron consultants asked if the strategy was well known and accepted. Although the answer was yes, the script allowed for both scenarios. All of the meeting participants were invited to join in the discussion to help shape the agenda.


In fact the discussion highlighted a lot of confusion. This was true at various levels. Many people were not aware of the strategy and few understood it.

Leadership discovered the trouble spots and could start to tackle them. Knowing the Hot Topics for the meeting meant the meeting planners could give them the priority the meeting attendees were looking for.

They fine-tuned the agenda and focused on what would generate energy and engagement. In the end they could all move forward. Together.