Case: engaging staff during merger process

How Synthetron supported the smooth merger of two banks by engaging valuable staff.


Two private banks were merging and there were concerns among the management that valuable members of the sales force of one company would be lost.

The bank looked for innovative ways to get the right input that would help them manage this situation.


The management decided to listen to the sales force, to hear their concerns about the merger. They used Synthetron to engage them in a series of interactive discussions where they could give their opinions.

The first step in the process were two different Synthetron discussions to identify the level of alignment to the merger vision among the salesforce. These sessions identified their fears, the potential bottlenecks they saw, their hopes, and their suggestions. The outcome of these two discussions helped management to take difficult decisions and give feedback.

A few months later another Synthetron discussion was held. This session focused on re-assessing the level of alignment and engaging participants in identifying key success factors and actions on which to focus.


We analysed the results by coding and grouping the qualitative data and combining it with the quantitative data. After which we gave the client a clear and concise report containing all the important findings.

The process helped management take difficult decisions and give feedback. Furthermore, it generated valuable insights on the level of support for the decisions taken and the way to manage the implementation successfully.