Case: understanding progress on a Change plan

How an industrial Multinational organization measured progress on its change plan and understood what to adapt.


A multinational industrial company had started a strategic change program 1 year earlier.

It initiated the implementation phase 6 months later with a major communication effort and needed to understand progress.


The Top 100 managers were invited to a one-hour interactive Synthetron discussion. Synthetron consultants moderated the session and asked them multiple questions.

We asked them to share their own elevator speech and their observations on the day to day impact of the new strategy to understand alignment and engagement.

We then asked them to reflect on the change, the obstacles they experienced and what they understood to be the key enablers going forward.


The Synthetron management report gave insights into the situation assessment, the main obstacles, and the conditions for accelerating the implementation.

Management was surprised by some of the arguments and their support.

The Change Manager found that this gave much richer feedback than interviews and the outcome confronted management with the reality in the trenches.

Specifically, the client realised that:

  • The communication efforts had not created sufficient ownership
  • They needed to address a main obstacle which was new to them
  • The priorities and key levers they needed to address
  • Which of their ingoing management hypotheses were confirmed or not and why.
    • The roll out plan was subsequently adapted