Case: improving employee satisfaction

How a big university hospital used Synthetron to improve employee satisfaction.


Every three years one of the biggest University Hospitals in the Netherlands held traditional employee satisfaction surveys. However, they noticed that these surveys were encountering some problems.

Therefore the (then) Director of HR went looking for a new and innovative way to engage the employees and improve employee satisfaction.


Synthetron offered a way to engage teams directly, on their level, and offer them an open way to voice their opinions on what is going well, what isn’t, and what solutions they see. They were offered a safe space to talk anonymously. All of this could be done from a location of their choosing, they only needed a laptop or a tablet.

In three years time around 150 teams got the possibility to let their opinions be known. They wrote over 23.000 messages and came up with solutions tailor made for their own team. All sections of the hospital participated, from the medical- to the kitchen staff.

Synthetron developed the script for these dialogues and moderated the sessions together with an adviser from the HR department. The participants also filled in 9 closed questions. These questions enabled the hospital to compare the results to previous ones.

Synthetron worked closely together with dedicated staff from the hospital. Always keeping in contact and tweaking the script and approach when needed.


The team management, sector head, and HR representative of the team all got a copy of the report within a week after a team dialogue. This report included some statistics for benchmarks and all the most supported statements by participants (so called synthetrons).

Every sector of the hospital got it’s own consolidated report. This included thorough analysis of the results of the sector and benchmarks towards earlier years.

The Synthetron consultants also provided the hospital with an end report which included all the things that were going really well, and all the things that could be improved. Lastly, the hospital was provided with suggestions by Synthetron consultants on how to continue.

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