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Case: building Employee Value Proposition from the bottom up

How a telecom company built its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) from the bottom up using Synthetron online dialogues.


When you deal with a big company, it is not always easy to get the opinion of large groups of employees…Working with Synthetron has allowed us to involve a big part of the company when defining our Employee Value Proposition. The Synthetron process is simple, the outcome very valuable, and our people really enjoyed participating. Thanks to the chat sessions we now have a more realistic view about how our employees perceive us as an employer.

— VP Employee Engagement Belgacom (Belgium)


The challenge of Belgacom’s HR department in a changing market environment was two-fold:

  • Maintaining a high level of motivation and employee engagement
  • Attracting the right people

Available material was too generic to help build the “who we are” and “who we want to be” pictures for the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).


First, the desired insight was identified: the components of the EVP (affiliation, culture, HR policies, way of working and job). Then participants from 6 business-critical target segments were recruited.  In total, we conducted for 11 Synthetron online discussions in three different languages over three days.

Synthetron designed the discussions to trigger all of our 3H components.  3H components are: behaviour (Heart), rational thinking (Head), and competencies (Hand). People discussed what motivated them about the company and what they were less enthusiastic about.  They also shared their aspirations.   Finally, they gave their advice to the leadership.

The participants were thanked and given a quick report after every discussion. This created a lot of goodwill.


We structured the management report in two parts to make it more actionable. The first part gave the global view of all segments.  The second gave specific insight per segment in terms of: drivers, image, mind-set, and management implications.

Profile sheets were also created.  These indicated the starting level and drivers of engagement and how to improve or maintain them, the recommended tone of voice, and finally what is common and different to other profiles.

The report, profile sheets and subsequent workshops helped Belgacom to successfully revise the EVP.

This new sharp and strong EVP has since helped to:

  • Build the internal employee branding plan
  • Rewrite job advertisements and find better-fit candidates
  • Rewrite the internal career site and reach higher training rates
  • Launch new strategic employee programs

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